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Urgent & Immediate Advisory : CSE Interview 2020

Disclaimer : This is an advisory and is not an official statement by the UPSC or DopT or Government of India in any capacity.

This concerns all those appearing for UPSC CSE 2020 interviews currently being held from the month of August 2021.

There are quite a few videos on YouTube on a popular channel wherein students who are just exiting the UPSC premises are asked about their interview experience. The students with their best intent are seen to be explaining the exact details of how their interview went. The details that are disclosed on these YouTube videos include the exact questions asked as well the demeanour of their board.

It is my most humble request as your teacher to please not appear for such interviews before your selection.

By disclosing the exact questions on an extremely accessible and popular platform such YouTube, you would be jeopardising the sanctity of recruitment process. Usually, a general comment or two on the overall experience is perfectly okay but some students tend to get into precise details. It is important to note that the cycle of recruitment for 2020 is still not over yet and it is still in its final stages.

I understand that you would want to help your fellow students, and sharing transcripts on a limited medium such as Telegram is a perfectly good way to do the same.

The best way is to simply not consent to any of these interviews. If you would like to still share your interview experience, please do so in the most diplomatic and generic manner. I am repeating this, please do not divulge details your interview proceedings on YouTube until the final result is declared.

Please note, your result, your career, and years of hard work is more important than a click bait video.

I am sorry if this is direct and straight forward, but as your teacher, it is my moral responsibility to ask you to not something that might be detrimental to your future selection prospects.

Atish Mathur

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Disclaimer : Any identity of any student who seeks any personal assistance during the interview process shall always be kept confidential, and shall not be used for any marketing or advertorial purpos

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