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DAF II & Personality Test Preparation

Disclaimer : Any identity of any student who seeks any personal assistance during the interview process shall always be kept confidential, and shall not be used for any marketing or advertorial purposes.


At the outset, incredible congratulations to you for clearing the Mains 2021. Your result is a testament to your unfettered grit and determination. Please convey my wishes to your family and loved ones as well.

Your first and foremost step is to fill your DAF-II properly. If you need any help whatsoever in filling your DAF, please write to me urgently at with the subject line : DAF - II Assistance. Please enclose your phone number as well so that I can contact you immediately to address your concern.

Consequently, you may fill the google form below if you would like a 1 on 1 session for your interview preparation and/or attend a mock panel conducted by Unacademy of which I would be a part of like last year.

Further details on interview specific classes (free) and topic/source shortlists would be released post 24th March 2022.

Thank you,


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