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Atish Mathur's Prelims Program : Magna Carta, Final Lap, Test Series


Hope you're keeping well and your preparation is too!

It is that time of the year when the most relevant, concise, and sought after offerings for Prelims 2023 are announced for you.

I have incorporated almost all requests and suggestions received via thousands of emails from you. Like every year, this year too would be a massive content upgrade delivered in the most student friendly format to ensure the highest conversion of marks in the Prelims 2023.

The Atish Mathur Prelims Program (AMPP) contains the following :

  1. Magna Carta 2023 : The Annual Prelims Crash Course for Polity & Governance : Starts 30 March

  2. Final Lap 2023 : The Annual Compilation of current affairs for Prelims 2023

  3. What a Test 2023 : The full length test series for Prelims 2023

The Program begins from 30th March 2023 as I would be completing with my courses until then.

Magna Carta 2023 : The Annual Prelims Crash Course for Polity & Governance

A rare comprehensive crash course covering conceptual, analytical, and contemporary topics for Prelims 2023 with a simple objective to ensure students get 90 percent of all polity and governance questions correct in the Prelims of 2023.

The Link for offline registration for Magna Carta :

The fees for the offline version of Magna Carta is for infrastructure costs and shall be collected and appropriated by Unacademy, I would not be in any receipt of the same.

There is no need to register for online Magna Carta as it would be on YouTube for free.

Thank you,

Atish Mathur

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