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To Be Or Not To Be : Ethics Full Course


Please find the following updates regarding the Ethics Course.

A lot of students wrote in that they would prefer the classes to be conducted on YouTube as special classes are difficult to find as well as often unable to be viewed post the live cast. Ethics is a massive pain point for a lot of students giving the lack of comprehensive and relevant material. Additionally, hosting a full free course on the platform would also cause objections in due course.

Consequently, the following courses of action are being undertaken :

  1. A full course on Ethics would be posted on my YouTube Channel starting 19th Monday. I would be present during premier and answer all the questions you might have during the premier of the class.

  2. I would also release videos of the same on the cloud drive and share them in a downloadable format with you so that you can access them whenever you wish to.

  3. The classes would be complimented with handwritten notes and detailed matrix containing all relevant examples that you could use in the exam. This would be a live link like the current affairs tracker which would be continuously updated.

  4. Post the video series, we will proceed to solving live case studies on the platform so that is interactive to a higher degree.

Thank you for your patience and your incredible support, it means the world to me.

Atish Mathur

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