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Prelims Postponed | What should you do?


First and most importantly, I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well, and I hope that you and your loved ones recover to the best of health as soon as possible.

Now, as you are aware, the Prelims for 2021 has been postponed to 10th October, 2021. Interestingly, the Prelims of 2021 was also postponed on almost similar lines.

This certainly has some implications on your preparation and let us address them immediately.

Broad Guidelines :

  1. This essentially means, you are back to the January/February stage of preparation under normal circumstances if the exam was to happen in June.

  2. Whether you are extremely well prepared candidate or otherwise, this must be viewed as a blessing in disguise in these troubled times.

  3. Current Affairs Cycle has been redefined, as far as the Prelims is concerned, the newspapers would remain relevant till about mid-September. Though, there has not been much as far as current affairs are concerned, still doesn't mean if the paper was static last year, it would mean the same as well.

  4. Unless there is a sharp decline in cases, and eased travel restrictions, venue change options may also be permitted but there is absolutely no certainty on that.

  5. It is my recommendation, that if you are not in Delhi, please do not come to Delhi during this time, the ground situation is not good and will take some time to improve. You are the safest at home.

Planning is key :

  1. Spend 2-3 days and jot down exactly where you stand in the most specific detail possible.

  2. Identify, the gaps in your Optional and Mains GS, and devote a minimum of 40 percent to a maximum of 60 percent of your time addressing these gaps.

  3. You have left some portions of the syllabus with respect to the Prelims as well, now is the time to cover that as well.

  4. Please make a detailed monthly and weekly coverage plan till Prelims 2021, and stick to it, as much as possible.

  5. Solving one full prelims mock a week and going through 20-30 prelims questions everyday is recommended.

  6. If you have not covered the Current Affairs properly till now, please use the What a Day/Week/Month series, supplement it with any Monthly Current Affairs compilation, and questions from the mocks.

I would restart weekly case studies and answer writing, fortnightly essay classes, as well as continue with all the other special class series that we have been doing so far. All of this like always, shall always remain free.

Endnote :

  1. Please do not worry, we will get through this, I have been right with you all this time, and will continue to do so :)

  2. If there is any help or support you may need in any form, please let me know, and I shall do everything in my capacity to assist you.

P.S : I had a made a video last last covering the same of dates for the Prelims, so I thought so share the same video with you again :

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Gaurav koranne
Gaurav koranne
May 16, 2021

I was not aware of your existence but since last week, Your classes has improved my confidence 10 fold. I always hear that in UPSC just knowing is not enough and that's why best of us fail. Confidence is the key and your lectures help. This is my first attempt of Civil Services exam but since I started watching your lectures (Thank you for the shorter length) I feel less burdened and more focussed. More Power to you!!!


Pranav Mhaske
Pranav Mhaske
May 15, 2021

Thank you so much Sir !!


May 14, 2021

Greetings sir

Hope ur well at ur place.

Sir plz make a video on strategy's for 2022 students how they go about upsc preparation.

It would be really helpful for us.



Saksham Salwan
Saksham Salwan
May 14, 2021

we love you sir


Nimish chittora
Nimish chittora
May 14, 2021

Sir , apart from prelims you are a blessing in disguise...thanks sir, take care 😊

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