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Polity Reading List : 2021

Updated: May 5, 2021


The reading list for Polity based on the sixth edition on Laxmikanth is mention below. Please read the following before proceeding onto the reading list.

  1. This list is valid only for Prelims 2021 as it based on the contemporary developments relevant for Prelims 2021

  2. The list must necessarily be complimented with the Magna Carta Series for 2021 which was conducted absolutely free of cost as special classes on the Unacademy platform. You can find the classes on

  3. The list must also be complemented with my handwritten notes releasing as soon as possible.

  4. Ideally, please study Polity in the same sequence/themes as discussed in the Magna Carta Series as it would help you understand and retain better.

  5. If you are using an older edition of the book, you can refer to the topic headings and study accordingly.

  6. You may then refer to a special/free class series called Blast from the Past : Polity PYQs wherein Polity PYQs are solved using logic and elimination methods.

2021 Polity Reading List
Download PDF • 355KB

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