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Mental Health and You : A panel discussion


We, as a society, have witnessed misery to such an extent especially in the last few weeks, that its repercussions are often difficult to fathom. For some, it may be an invisible force making them feel nothing like their usual selves while for some, the sheer extent of it might have even desensitised or normalised the process for them. Make no mistake, both are equally difficult spaces to be in. On top this, the uncertainty and anxiety of the exam can be nothing less than daunting.

In this context, it my absolute honour to share with you I would be hosting a panel discussion on Mental Health and Competitive Exams with Dr. SB Gita Narahari and Mr. Prateek Rao. Dr. Narahari is an eminent and extremely well trained Psychologist as well as a social worker. Mr. Rao is a IRTS Officer of the 2019 batch, a graduate of the prestigious IIM Calcutta and NIT-K, and a fantastic musician among other things.

I believe the best way to talk about things that need to be talked about are to talk to people who are trained to help you get better and people who understand what you are going through because they have gone through the same. This exactly why I am so fortunate to have a panel comprising of these two incredible people.

This is about you and should be what addressing issues that affect you. - You are most welcome to fill this google form (even anonymously) if there is something specific that is bothering you, and we will take it up and discuss it. You may never know, you coming out and talking about something might just help so many who may not be able to speak out. Under no circumstances, would your identity ever be disclosed. Be the light :)

Please try and fill the form by 9 am of the 27th Of May 2021.

We will have a zoom discussion on 27th May itself, and I would upload the entire panel discussion on Youtube tomorrow i.e. 27 May itself.

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