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Important : Unacademy Plus Subscribers


Thank you for your never ending patience and your constant support in these challenging times.

I would like to make it explicitly clear that the reason for me not being able to take your classes was because my access was restricted owing to some contractual obligations. Any dialogue between a company and a teacher should not have an adverse impact on the students, no matter what. While special classes are in my control and I have moved them to Youtube started 1 July 2021 to ensure to such future disruptions don't happen.

Irrespective of the outcome to our discussion, the students shall not be put on hold any further. Please read the following :

  1. The Plus Course on Governance shall resume from 1 July to 14 July 2021, on all days excluding Sundays.

  2. The Plus Course on Polity has four additional classes that would be conducted from 5 July to 8 July at 1:00 p.m.

  3. If a student's subscription ended in June 2021, and she or he wants to be enrolled in any or both of these courses, you will be given a 15 day extension to your subscription.

  4. This shall be done automatically for those already enrolled.

  5. If you are someone who falls under Points 3 and 4, and your subscription has not been renewed by 30 June 2021, please drop me an email at immediately and urgently with the subject line : Plus Student : Subscription Extension

  6. All enrolled students will receive an email from Unacademy expressing regret and apology for stopping classes no matter what the reason might be.

On a personal note, I have clearly communicated to the management to let me resume and finish these classes with immediate effect, and they are most welcome to further stop any financial payments on their part, contingent on the outcomes of our discussions.

Education and students are always above, all.

Lastly, I am deeply sorry for such delays, and I must assure you, they were not on my end.

Thank You, Atish Mathur

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