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Important : FREE Polity Lectures for Prelims & Mains

Updated: Aug 17, 2022


A lot of people advised to not do this but sometimes, what should be done needs to be done. I am hereby releasing all polity comprehensive lectures recorded and updated till April 2022 on a google drive along with notes. You can download them and watch them as much as you want and share them with whoever you wish to. I had promised this, and am simply fulfilling it.

Additional Download Link :

There are two lectures for each topic, one in English and one in Bilingual, so that everyone beyond language barriers can learn from them. The Notes contain my handwritten notes for Prelims, and Syllabus - Topic Wise notes for the Mains.

The lectures are very comprehensive and shall always be available for free.

Why am I doing this?

1 . Students who cannot afford education should not be deprived of quality education.

2. I won't be complacent in teaching the same content year after year, and therefore, my next course will be better in all aspects : content, relevancy, structure as the next paid course will be upgraded from this.

3. Any student who was not able complete their courses on any platform, with me can do so now.

It would mean the world to me if you take a moment to read every word written below. I could have done this over a YouTube video, but somehow, announcements like these feel more personal through the written word.

A teacher is nothing more than the sum of her students. If there is one principle, I have followed, it has always been this one.

Coaching institutions, whether online or offline, with their ever changing terms and conditions, are mere mediums in this ecosystem.

As teachers, it is our singular responsibility to always deliver relevant, comprehensive, and timely education to our students, simply because there are lives at stake, irrespective of the nature and practices of coaching institutions. While I may have been relevant and comprehensive, I have certainly not been timely with my education. This has partly been my fault and partly the practices of the offline and online institutions. Thankfully, no courses for 2022 were delayed but 2023 have been. Most importantly, the interest of the students should not be compromised, and since proper preparation for 2023 begins post 2022 Prelims, I thought this would be a good time to release the lectures.

It is also stated, that I was informed that I would not be teaching Polity at Next IAS for 2022-2023. I know several students were misinformed by the institute until even now that I would be, therefore these lectures would ensure anyone who wanted to study with me, can. If you are someone who took admission to the institute because of me, is more than welcome to ask for a refund of the same, I will personally ensure of the same. Please feel free to write to me whenever you feel the need to.

Later in the year, post September 2022 (after the Mains Crash Courses), I will arrange for an offline course at New Delhi, wherein all students who have previously studied from me, or had taken admission at an institute which said I would be teaching but said I wont be, will be able to attend completely free of cost.

Thank you, Always indebted for your relentless support Atish Mathur

The sequence in which you may refer to the lectures is as below :

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