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The Mains 2021 Crash Course on Polity & Governance


If something is worth doing, it is always worth doing right!

  1. A lot of you reached out requesting this, therefore, course would be conducted free of cost, no matter what.

  2. The lectures starting 2nd November 2021 would be uploaded on my Youtube Channel. The lectures would be uploaded during late hours as I would get higher internet speeds allowing me to upload 1-2 hour long lectures.

  3. All Material can be downloaded directly from the website : by clicking the tab : Mains Crash Course 2021

  4. The following have already been uploaded :

  • Polity Issue List arranged according to the Syllabus

  • PDF of the first lecture on the first topic of the syllabus - Indian Constitution—Historical Underpinnings, Evolution, Features, Amendments, Significant Provisions and Basic Structure

  • PDF of Notes on Historical Underpinnings - Impact of GoI Act, 1935 on India's Constitutional Scheme.

Thank You for your support and patience,

Atish Mathur

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