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What a Week |
What a Month  

What a Day = The Hindu everyday

What a Week = The Hindu + Indian Express (Explained and Editorials)

What a Month = The Hindu + Indian Express + PIB 


To Be Or Not To Be 

Full coverage of all components of Paper IV (Ethics, Integrity, Aptitude) including live case studies solved with model answers 


The Magna Carta 

All you need to get all questions right in Polity for Prelims 

Legal Aid 

Pro-bono legal aid, support, and representation for : 

1. Aspirants wronged by UPSC, SPSC, and other exam conducting authorities 

2. Victims of any form of abuse in any manner 

3. Aspirants facing harassment by rental agencies, owners, and locals. 


Financial support, mental health consultations with licensed practitioners for any aspirant preparation for any exam whether for entry into colleges or employment of any kind. 


Non-commercial, non-advertorial partnerships with schools, colleges to assist students in deciding and preparing for civil services preparations.  

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