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What a Day | What a Week | What a Month


I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well in such unprecedented times.

This post is to introduce a reformed and reignited Current Affairs Coverage plan. All the classes conducted through this shall always remain free and the notes shall be readily made available here on the website as well as the Telegram Channel. If you are someone who has been preparing for a while or just starting out, you will benefit from this. The coverage would be three dimensional in nature and would cover your entire GS.

Layer 1 : What a Day

  1. A shortlist of important news from The Hindu that needs to be read would be announced in the first half everyday on the website and the telegram channel.

  2. A youtube story supplementing the same would be published before noon everyday providing insights on what needs to be read and what doesn't.

  3. A free special class would be conducted every evening whenever there is something to covered for the day.

Layer 2 : What a Week

  1. Issues identified through the week would be discussed at length and in the form of a consolidated note which would be made in a model answer framework covering both the Prelims as well as the Mains.

  2. Additional editorials as well explained columns from The Indian Express would be covered in this session.

  3. A weekly free special class would be conducted covering both of the above points.

Layer 3 : What a Month

  1. Revision of important developments of the month.

  2. Extremely important releases on the PIB.

  3. Exam relevant scholarly articles from magazines such as EPW, Caravan, The Wire, Economic Times etc.

  4. A monthly special free class covering all of the above would be conducted.

This would achieve the following objectives :

  1. You would have a holistic coverage of current affairs.

  2. You would have organised your notes in a manner that you would be able to revise later without any hassle.

  3. You would have clearly identifiable portions to cover for the Prelims.

  4. You would have readymade answers for the Mains examination.

  5. You would automatically know topics that are going to be relevant by tracking their repetitions.

Thank you for always there,

Atish Mathur

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