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To Be Or Not To Be (Oct - II)

Updated: May 5, 2021


1. This contains a total of 3 questions carrying 20 marks each and have to written within 250 words.

2. The free discussion class would be held on 30th October, 2020 at 11:00 p.m.

3. Click on the link here to access the discussion class.

4. You may send in your answers in a single PDF file to with the file name as TBNTB_(YourName)_1

5. Please note that this is a completely free initiative.

  1. A junior officer of the Indian Armed Forces is extremely unhappy with the working conditions. He is posted in a difficult terrain. Issues of inadequate diet and life risk are rampant. Additionally, the practice of engaging junior non commissioned officers in domestic work at the residences of senior officers as 'sahayaks' is common in the armed forces. After approaching senior officers with these problems on multiple counts, no concrete solution is offered. He uploaded a video describing the issue on social media which goes viral catching the nation's attention.

(a) Do you think he was correct in releasing this video?

(b) What are the ethical issues involved in the case?

(c) What could be done to prevent such actions in the future?

2. District administration comprises of officers pooled in from various entry points. While the heads of the district administration are quite often chosen from the IAS, the subordinate officers are chosen from the respective state services. Members of All India services especially the IAS and IPS are sometimes faced with a lack of support and rapport from members of the state services. This often causes for conflict within the administration and severely impacts the functioning and the efficiency of administration. What do you think causes this and how would you resolve this if faced during your tenure?

3. Excellence comes at a cost. Prestigious universities usually have a rigorous curriculum which is very demanding of the students. Additionally, peer pressure and a sense of competitive spirit is extremely amongst the students of today. While some cope up, some are often burdened by this. You are the Vice Chancellor of one of India's most sought after Universities, and several cases of self harm and suicides have been reported at your institution over the last few years. There are several representations and protests made by various groups including parents, student associations, NGOs asking you tone down academic pressure. Your University has been at the pinnacle of excellence with securing a very high international and national rank. Several foreign institutions are collaborating with your University for research, placements, and transfers.

(a) What are the ethical issues in this situation?

(b) Identify all possible courses of action and which one would you choose and why?

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Shreya Shree
Shreya Shree
Nov 02, 2020

Sir, when will you upload the next set of case studies and essay questions? Thank you!


Oct 31, 2020

Sir please upload model answers


Oct 30, 2020

Sir...when we will get case studies model answers???plz upload them on telegram channel.

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