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Magna Carta 2024: Prelims Polity Crash Course


Hope you're keeping well and your preparation is too! It is that time of the year when the most relevant, concise, and sought-after offerings for UPSC CSE Prelims are announced for you.

1. What does it contain?

1. Prelims 2024 Polity Crash Course by Atish Mathur

2. Final Lap 2024: Annual Prelims Current Affairs Compilation

3. 5 Full-Length Tests with Detailed Solutions

2. How is it different from the previous ones?

1. Significant changes to curriculum and pedagogy to reflect the current pattern.

2. More concise, conceptual, and comprehensive than ever.

3. 10 Year PYQs discussed and live solved within the lectures.

4. Explanatory Lectures to the Final Lap 2024.

5. Interface to attempt the tests on the AM portal.

3. What is the medium and method of Instruction?

1. The medium of instruction is English. This is not a bilingual course. However, the English used is so simple and effective that students from a bilingual background should have no problems attending the course.

2. It is only available in the online mode for 2024. There will be no offline Magna Carta Prelims 2024. In the online mode, the lectures are recorded and not live. This is to ensure a hyper-focused learning environment without the possibility of any technical glitches during live classes. Also, offline or online, the actual flow of information is usually one way.

4. Where can I enrol?

1. All three ingredients of Magna Carta Prelims viz. Prelims Polity Crash Course, Final Lap with Explanatory Lectures, and 5 Full-Length Tests with detailed solutions are collectively and offered on the AM Portal.

2. The link to the course is:

5. What is the fees?

1. The fees for all three offerings of the Magna Carta viz. Prelims Polity Crash Course, Final Lap with Explanatory Lectures, and 5 Full-Length Tests with detailed solutions is 1199 INR inclusive of all taxes.

6. Fee Exemptions

1. 100% Exemption to all paid students of AM Courses enrolled in any courses.

2. Students who wish to claim any of the benefits mentioned above are requested to send an email with their credentials to and follow the next steps received thereafter.

3. Students apart from any of those mentioned above who wish to take a fee exemption may also send in an email to stating their reasons and circumstances and the needful shall be done.

4. Please note - If you need the course and cannot afford it, please let us know, and we will do our best to ensure you have access to it. Please do not illegally plagiarise, not only is it a criminal offence and due action will be taken against you, it also takes away honest efforts of the people behind the course.

7. Refunds

1. Any delay in the timelines committed in the orientation lecture shall entitle you to a refund should you request it. No questions asked.

2. If you need a refund for any other reason, the same shall be proceeded on a case-to-case basis.

8. Additional Information

1. The lectures are smart board lectures and not zoom lectures. This ensures more interactivity.

2. The lectures contain self-composed charts, tables, and infographics to ensure effective recall. Therefore, detailed notes are not necessary. For comprehensive notes of Magna Carta Foundation (Prelims + Mains), you can access the telegram channel: [Atish Mathur Official]( [](

9. Schedule

1. Polity Prelims Crash Course

| Date | Release |

| 7 Feb 2024 | L0: Orientation & Introduction Lecture |

| 9 Feb 2024 | L1: Laws, Majorities, Amendments, Golden Rules, Prelims Tactics |

| 11 Feb 2024 | L2: Rule of Law, Principles of Natural Justice, Constitutionalism |

| 12 Feb 2024 | L3: Legal History |

| 14 Feb 2024 | L4: Territory & Citizenship |

| 16 Feb 2024 | L5: Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties, 10-Year PYQS from L1 - L5 |

| 18 Feb 2024 | L6 : Union & State Legislatures |

| 19 Feb 2024 | L7 : Union & State Executive |

| 21 Feb 2024 | L8: Judiciary & Legal Systems |

| 23 Feb 2024 | L9: Separation of Powers |

| 25 Feb 2024 | L10: Federalism & Centre-State Relations |

| 26 Feb 2024 | L11 : Local Self Government & Misc Provisions |

| 28 Feb 2024 | L12: Bodies, 10-Year PYQs from L6 - L12 |

b. Full-Length Test Series

| Date | Test |

| 11 Feb 2024 | Test I |

| 25 Feb 2024 | Test II |

| 10 Mar 2024 | Test III |

| 24 Mar 2024 | Test IV |

| 14 April 2024 | Test V |

c. Final Lap 2024: 15 March 2024

10. Contact Information :

2. Phone/Whatsapp: 9871179976

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03 May

Sir, not able to access the course pls check asap


Anshul Kumar Singh
Anshul Kumar Singh
03 Nis

Hi sir, I have mailed regarding my access to this course. Kindly help


Nilesh Paikrao
Nilesh Paikrao
02 Nis

Sir please check my mail


02 Mar

Sir, will the Final Lap be available in the open forum or only restricted to the enrolled students?


deepti goswami
deepti goswami
16 Şub

Where is today's lecture

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