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The Mains Course on Polity and Governance

Updated: May 5, 2021

Disclaimer: In exchange for conducting quite a few free special classes on Unacademy, I am obligated to conduct some paid classes and inform the students about the same as well. Please read through every line written below.

This module is for two types of students :

1. Those who are appearing for Mains 2020

2. Those who have strong conceptual grasp on Polity Basics and need help with the Mains part of it.

This module is not for the following types of students :

1. Those looking for a comprehensive, foundational, basic course on Polity and Governance.

Why would you need a module like this? After speaking to a number of students who successfully/unsuccessfully wrote Mains 2019 after the mark sheets were released, a common theme emerged. Even after the students writing GS II to the best of the abilities, the marks have largely been in the 80-95 range. This can be rectified by not just strengthening current affairs but also garnishing static answers with adequate data, recommendations, sources, derivate statistics etc. In addition to this, structuring seemed to be a common problem. This module seeks to solve the exact same problem covering all of Polity & Governance within a month in 20 classes of 2 hours each. If you do decide to take up this module, it is strongly advised that you go through the Magna Carta Polity Series before the Module begins. Accessing Magna is completely free for all.

Module Details

1. This module is a topic wise coverage of Polity, Governance (GS II and GS IV) for Mains 2020.

2. This Module is a part of Mains Crash Course which includes crash courses on all four GS Subjects running at 4 time slots during the day. My Module has been given the 12 - 2 pm slot. The Crash Course as whole is expected to finish by first week of December 2020 while my module will finish by 19 November, 2020.

3. My Module will begin on 26 Oct 2020 and will end on 19 Nov 2020 which means your entire Polity, Governance as well related sections in Paper IV would be covered by 19 Nov 2020. The crash course has already begun from 14 October 2020.

4. The timings of the classes would be from Mon - Friday from 12 pm - 2 pm and would be conducted in English medium only.

5. The Polity and Governance module also includes 2 full length tests which would be personally evaluated by me.

6. All doubts pertaining to the class would be answered at the end of the class and no doubts would be answered in the middle of the class so as to benefit all students equally.

7. The class notes, PDFS, model answers, and topic lists would be available for everyone for FREE to access irrespective of whether a student has paid for the course or not. This is strictly in line with my principles of content to always be free no matter what. Additionally, I will also take Magna Carta for Polity Mains, as promised wherein all relevant Current Issues for the Mains would be discussed in 3-5 classes. These would be completely free and would be conducted in the First Week of December.

8. If you are somebody who would be interested in this module, you will have to purchase a subscription. This entitles you to access any course on the platform by anybody any number of times on Unacademy. There are essentially two kinds of subscriptions : PLUS and ICONIC. You would only need a PLUS membership and NOT the iconic membership. If you are only looking to buy the subscription for my module, I have structured the Module in such a way that you would only need a 1 month subscription. Else, you can also opt for a 3 month subscription if you want to attend all the modules of the Crash Course including my module. If you do end up buying the subscription you must know that you can access ANY and ALL courses on the platform even if they are not a part of the Mains Module. So, if you do need more holistic courses in some subjects you can easily access them as a part of your subscription. Also, a 3 month subscription might also make sense if you need to watch a comprehensive course of any subject just in case. You can always watch recorded sessions of any class any number of times if you feel the need to, whether you take a 1 month or a 3 month subscription. You can simply buy the subscription directly from the mobile application or website.

9. If you are planning on getting the subscription for just the Polity and Governance Module, it would be advised to ONLY buy it on 19th October so that your subscription remains valid till the time (19th October - 19th November) which covers the duration of the module lasts. However, if you want the 3 month subscription, you can buy it anytime you want as the entire crash course would finish by the time your subscription ends and you can also refer to any plus course that you wish to. I have been informed that prices of the subscription are going to increase by Rs. 1,000 for the 1 month subscription and Rs. 2,500 for the 3 month subscription from the 20th October. I have arranged time period of the course in such a way that you can still access the 1 months subscription for my course and yet pay an cheaper earlier price by finishing the module by 19 November so if a student purchases the 1 month subscription on 19 October, he/she would be able to access the module entirely.This is why I was informing you to make the purchase if you want to on 19th October and not before or after. Similarly, prices for 6 months and 12 months subscriptions are also going to increase.

10. If you decide to purchase the subscription, please use the referral code MATHUR10 to avail a 10 percent discount which would mean that your 1 month plus subscription would cost Rs. 7,200 instead of Rs. 8,000 and your 3 month subscription would cost Rs. 18,000 instead of Rs. 20,000. (Based on current prices)

Download the Topic List below :

Download • 1.90MB

OR The topic list can be also be accessed at

For any queries please write to me at with the subject line 'Crash Course' and I would respond within 24 hours of the receipt for your email.

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