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Model Case Study I

Updated: May 5, 2021

Question 1:

You have been recently posted as the Superintendent of Police at a district battling with the menace of human trafficking. Hundreds of young and under-age girls, and their families are lured with the promise of good incomes incomes which leads them to trust agencies. After being tricked by these agencies, these young girls are pushed into prostitution, forced labour and many illegal activities.

A covert and ground study of the problem in your district conducted by the UN partnering with a prominent NGO reveals the true extent of the problem. The outcomes of the report have been published and have been highlighted in several regional and national media reports as well. The study exposes the possibility of leading politicians, industrialists, and some senior officials being involved. The local population is furious and the situation on ground is turning volatile by the minute.

Identify the various dimensions of the crisis. Based on your understanding, suggest measures to deal with the crisis.

[250 Words, 20 Marks]


With Human Trafficking cases constantly on the rise in the country especially in the current circumstances, this scenario tests an officer’s integrity, impartiality, commitment to service values and compassion.

The primary dimensions of the case are -

  1. Rampant Human Trafficking - Human Trafficking not only causes almost irreparable harm to the victims but also leaves their families in a devastated state. As an officer of the law who has taken an oath to serve and protect, this would be my primary consideration.

  1. Possibility of criminal conspiracy - Privilege does not translate to preferential treatment in the eyes of law. Omission and commission are both offences under Indian law. I joined the service knowing the risks and conflicts, and it is my duty to upload the law irrespective of any considerations. As long as investigation is conducted as per the due process of law, there is nothing to be feared about.

  1. Public Outrage - Citizens have a right to be dismayed and the administration has a responsibility to address the disappointments. This is one of the foundational value of the services to engage with the citizenry.

I would proceed in a two pronged manner with the following goals in mind

  1. Eliminating Human Trafficking in the District -

  • Set up and head a Special Task force with specific objectives to eliminate instances

  • Setting up coordination channels with police in other districts and states as this an inter as well as intra state issue

  • Set up a direct hotline to reduce reaction and response times.

  • Recommend special training and sensitisation programs to be conducted for all officers to government.

2. Building Confidence in the Public

  • Hold regular press conferences keeping all investigation protocols in mind so that the people so that the people are able to understand that work is in progress

  • Enhance patrols and personnel in high risk areas to instil a sense of security.

Cases like these take a toll on everyone involved even at a personal level. The strength to solve these comes from a calm mind and a clear conscience.

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