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Important : UPSC CSE Students Affected by COVID 19


There is no denying of the fact that the UPSC has taken some very questionable decisions in the process of conducting the UPSC CSE Exam. Not only the UPSC, but several State Public Service Commissions have followed suit.

Students Writing the Mains 2021 and are affected by pandemic : Please note that this is an advisory issued in a personal capacity and not an official representation of the government.

If you have been tested COVID positive during the course of the Mains or prior to the Mains : Given how adversely the disease impacts, I can understand how incredibly difficult would it be for you to write the exam to the best of your ability. If you are in a state to travel to the exam venue tomorrow, and you know you would not be able to perform to the best of your ability, please inform the examination authorities that you have been diagnosed as positive. If they do not permit you to write the exam, please take the same in writing from them, and/or take a video if you are still in possession of your phone.

If you are someone, who has been affected by the pandemic and has been able to write the Exam, you deserve an attempt, and you deserve to be able to equally write the exam as everyone else, and you can't be discriminated for absolutely no fault of yours.

I have studied several cases of students who spoke to me, and have therefore decided upon the following course of legal action :

  1. We will file a petition directly at the SC seeking the SC to issue a direction to the DoPT and UPSC to allow an additional attempt to everyone who was not able write the exam due to the Pandemic, specifically Mains 2021.

  2. Additionally, we will also petition that candidates who had qualified the Prelims 2021 and were to appear for the Mains 2021, and were not able to do so to the best of their ability due to the pandemic must be directly allowed to appear in the Mains 2022 next year.

Honestly, the second prayer seems rather unlikely given several issues, but there is no harm in trying our luck.

Please note, I will bear all legal costs and representations including if needed, senior lawyers to assist in the matter, as I understand this is going to a tough battle.

Exactly like last time, when UPSC denied several Mains Qualified Candidates to appear for the Interview due a Degree delay issue and we won the matter, nothing of this case would ever be used for any marketing or advertorial purposes. This is a matter of what is right and wrong, and not any pecuniary interest whatsoever.

Everyone who is affected by this to be please fill the form below :

Thank You,

Atish Mathur

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Jan 14, 2022

Thank you Atish sir for the genuine solidarity . we will always appreciate your integrity and compassion for the students.


mayank mittal 5092
mayank mittal 5092
Jan 14, 2022

Good Evening, Sir. Your concern for the students of 2021 is really needed and appreciable. After reading the article, I have following questions :-

  1. How would we objectively list down the candidates "who were not able to appear as per best of their ability"

  2. Wouldn't direct promotion to write Mains 2022 negatively affect students who are to appear in Prelims in 2022? In such a case, since few seats will be already reserved, the overall cutoff for 2022 students will come out to be higher than it would have been in normal case.

  3. Direct promotion to write Mains 2022 would give the candidates of 2021 "much extra time" for Mains only preparation. In this situation, such students stand at an…

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