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Comprehensive Polity Course (Paid): Unacademy

Disclaimer: In exchange for conducting quite a few free special classes on Unacademy, I am obligated to conduct some paid classes and inform the students about the same as well. Please read through every line written below.


This is an announcement for a paid course on Polity that I would be conducted on Unacademy's Plus Platform.

What are the details of this course?

This is a comprehensive course on Polity which covers both Prelims as well as Mains. The course starts from 24th March 2021 and would end on 24th April 2021. The course would be taught through a combination of detailed PDFs as well and handwritten explanations. The course would also cover answer writing structures for the Mains exam.

Who is this course for?

The course is for those students looking to appear in the year 2022 and beyond. Students appearing in 2021 may find the course too detailed as they would be appearing for the Prelims this year which is barely a few months away. Student appearing in 2021 can always watch the free Magna Carta 2021 Series : starting 22 March 2021 which would be enough to revise Polity for the Prelims 2021.

How much is the course for?

Like Netflix or Amazon Prime, Unacademy works on a subscription basis.

If you are somebody who would be interested in this course module, you will have to purchase a subscription. The are multiple durations of subscription available. This entitles you to access any course on the platform by anybody any number of times on Unacademy. There are essentially two kinds of subscriptions : PLUS and ICONIC. You would only need a PLUS membership and NOT the iconic membership. If you are only looking to buy the subscription for my module, I have structured the Module in such a way that you would only need a 1 month subscription. Else, you can also opt for longer subscription if you want to attend any and all the courses available on Unacademy. If you do end up buying the subscription you must know that you can access ANY and ALL courses on the platform even if they are not a part of the course module as long as your subscription stands. So, if you do need more holistic courses in some other subjects you can easily access them as a part of your subscription and can even study them simultaneously to my course. You can also always watch recorded sessions of any class any number of times if you feel the need to, whether you take a 1 month subscription or longer. You can simply buy the subscription directly from the mobile application or website.

If you are planning on getting the subscription for just the Polity Module, it would be advised to ONLY buy it on 24th March so that your subscription remains valid till the time (24th March - 24th April) which covers the duration of the module lasts. However, if you want a longer subscription, you can buy it anytime you want as the entire course would finish by the time your subscription ends and you can also refer to any other plus course that you wish to.

If you decide to purchase the subscription, please use the referral code MATHUR10 or ATMYT10 to avail a 10 percent discount which would mean that your 1 month plus subscription would cost Rs. 8100 instead of 9000. You would get a heavier discount if you purchase a longer subscription and you could get a full one year GS Subscription for Rs. 44,500 instead of Rs. 50,000, which is a very decent price offering.

Honestly, with exceptional teachers such as Mrunal Sir for Economics, Prateek Nayak for History, and Rishikesh Dudhat for Geography; your core GS preparation for UPSC can be easily taken care of by studying on Unacademy itself.

What if you don't like the course?

If you have taken just a month long subscription for my course and are unhappy with the course for any reason whether it is on the first day of the course or the last day, just write me an email to with a screenshot of your subscription receipt showing my discount code, and I shall refund your entire amount of a 1 month subscription entirely, no questions asked. A relationship between a teacher and a student is based on trust; if you trust me to teach you well, I trust you to tell me honestly if it my teaching isn't well enough for you. I also trust my teaching to not fail you and I know I cant compensate for your time, but this no questions asked refund policy is a trust gesture from my end.

Looking forward to teaching you!

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