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What a Day | 20 May 2021 | Daily Current Affairs


The items of importance in today's newspaper are as follows :

  1. The editorial on the Maratha Reservation judgment by the SC essentially critiques the judgement as well as argues that the judgement goes against the principles of Federalism as it enshrines the power to identify backward classes with the Center.

    1. We have covered this in relevant detail in What a Week 02-09 May 2021 :

    2. Additional Reading



  2. We would be picking up a thematic discussion on Labour Laws in India in the What a Week this weekend, we have covered this previously last year as well in one the What a Week Sessions but will update and cover the same with the inclusion of COVID Specific Data and Impact.

    1. Additional Reading : is enough for you to understand the basics of the law being discussed in the editorial

  3. The editorial on Indo-Pak relations in important from a data point of view in explaining why both countries must work towards reviving relations despite political and security issues for the greater good. There has been a similar question on the same lines asked in the Mains earlier as well. This can be supplemented with the notes on IR provided earlier and accessible on the website as well.

  4. We must wait for the sites to be finalised by UNESCO so that they can be discussed in detail from the exam point of view.

Therefore, there is no need to conduct What a Day today.

Thank You,

Atish Mathur

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