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What a Day | 15 May 2021


The Hindu newspaper of today might seem relevant upon the first glance but on a deeper look showcases a different picture.

The relevant issue list is :

  1. The editorial written by a senior IPS on what should the citizens do in case they find an orphaned child is an extension to the larger discussion on adoption policies in India. I have covered the same in relevant detail on the What a Day for 12th May :

  2. While the news on the US slider turtle might seem relevant from the endangered species perspective, one must note that this particular type of the turtle is not even naturally found in India and is causing ecological imbalance as it is being kept as a pet by turtle pet enthusiasts who are not able to manage the turtle after the turtle rapidly grows in size.

Therefore, there is no need to conduct a What a Day tonight at 8 p.m. On the other hand, please take some time to revise the developments for the week and as per schedule, I would be conducting a live case study session : To Be Or Not To Be at 9 pm tonight.

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shruti khandelwal
shruti khandelwal
May 15, 2021

Sir, would you not give us mains questions for practice?

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