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What a Day | 11 May 2021 | Finally something(s) important


After a few days of relatively unimportant items in the Hindu newspaper, today is a ray of a hope. There are quite a few important developments relevant for the Prelims as well as the Mains. They are listed below :

We would have a one hour long What a Day class at 8 pm tonight as a lot of topics need to be covered : The PPT of the What a Day would be uploaded prior to class here itself.

WAD 11 May 2021
Download PDF • 151KB

Please note that the editorial on the impact on patent waivers on the vaccine for COVID 19 has been a recurring issue and has been discussed in adequate depth on the What a Day conducted on 07 May 2021.

Furthermore, the news referring to a ceasefire between the Taliban and Afghan Government is a work in progress which is a larger part of a discussion on US withdrawal of troops from the region. This has also been covered in the What a World series and comprehensive notes on IR have also been provided on the same. You may find the notes in the notes subsection on 'Hustle' on this website itself as well as the shared documents on the Telegram channel. For those students who have just started out, this topic would be adequately covered when you study Indo-Afghan Relations as a part of your study on IR.

Thank you

Atish Mathur

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