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Update : Justice delayed is (sometimes) not justice denied


As you might recollect, the UPSC had rejected the candidatures of some students who had written the Mains 2020 because they were unable to provide degree related documents. The students were not able to produce degree related documents because the results were delayed by the respective Universities due to the pandemic.

A few of the affected students got in touch, and we filed a petition in the Supreme Court a few months ago requesting the SC to direct the UPSC to allow the candidates to appear in the upcoming interviews if they have qualified the Mains 2020. This was done through a notice I circulated on the Telegram Channel on 17 March 2021.

It is my absolute honour to inform you that we won the case today, the SC has asked the UPSC to allow any candidate who was not able to submit degree documents to be considered for the interview stage if they have qualified the Mains stage. This judgement would also be applicable to any student who had filed a case anywhere else in the country as well. If you are someone who belongs to the latter, please ask your lawyer to immediately proceed with quoting this judgement at your respective courts.

Will attach the final order of the SC which would be published later this evening.

I am in eternal debt of the students who trusted me to fight for what was rightfully theirs. It is moments like these that reaffirm my faith in the sanctity of education and goodness of the student community. I congratulate all the students and their loved ones for never losing hope and placing their faith in me.

Full Disclosure : The entire case was fought pro bono and no fees and court expenses were charged from the students and were personally borne.

Thank you,

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