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UPCE CSE 2020 Results : My Personal Code


Beyond the realm of institutes and platforms, I believe a teacher has a fiduciary relationship founded on trust towards her students. While I am grateful and humbled to be given opportunities to speak with some of the students who cleared the exam with utmost brilliance and excellence, it is also equally important for me to be inexplicably transparent about the the process of post results events.

At the outset, I principally believe that, it is the absolute and relentless hard-work of the student coupled with equally unfettering support from their loved ones which primarily makes someone ace this exam.

I also understand that it is important for institutes to invite and speak with selected candidates, and how they execute those interactions are entirely their prerogative. I am extremely humbled to know a few institutes that are very clear about their associations with the candidates while some leave no stone unturned in mastering the art of suggestive placements.

As a teacher, it my foremost duty to be exceptionally clear about the following :

  1. I have been associated in the capacity of being a panel member of the mock interviews for a few candidates. You would see a few videos of those sessions. I have mostly participated as a panel member and helped them draft their DAF to be best of my ability.

  2. A few of the selected candidates MAY have referred to some of my courses or my material for the Prelims or the Mains.

  3. With respect to some of panel discussions with the toppers post the results, I have not taken their mock interviews.

  4. After a few weeks, I will host detailed discussions with the students I have personally had the honour to assist or those who voluntarily inform that they used my material or classes. These discussions would be extremely transparent and would answer some of the most pressing questions in the minds of the aspirants.

What I will not do :

  1. Post screenshots of messages/emails/calls from selected candidates publicly.

  2. Claim any result as mine.

  3. Not indulge in any compensation of any sort to gain positive reviews and recommendations.

  4. Ever use results as marketing techniques for further courses. (I believe the fact that my content is converted in questions in the exam is more than enough and should be more than enough)

I am whatever little I am because of your trust, and I would always hold it in the highest regard.

Thank You,

Atish Mathur

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