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To Be or Not to Be (Oct 2020 -I)

Updated: May 5, 2021


1. This contains a total of 3 questions carrying 20 marks each and have to written within 250 words.

2. The free discussion class would be held on 23rd October, 2020 at 11:00 p.m.

3. Click on the link here to access the class.

4. You may send in your answers in a single PDF file to with the file name as TBNTB_(YourName)_1

5. Please note that this is a completely free initiative.

1. You are the Editor of a news channel in the country. In a very competitive news media industry, attracting and retaining viewership are increasing becoming difficult. Your news channel has the reputation of telecasting grass-root and relevant news stories which are not covered by the mainstream and more successful news channels. Advertisers are slowly pulling out and moving to rival news channels as they telecast more sensational news which catches the attention of a greater number of people. As a result, there is a serious dearth of funds which would hamper the salaries of hundreds of staff who depend on the news channel for livelihood. You are under pressure from the Channel Management to start covering news which more sensational in nature.

(a) What are the options before you?

(b) What course of action would you consider in this specific issue?

2. In a modern democratic polity, it is sometimes not enough that good work is done by civil servants but sometimes, the good work must also be seen to be done. The civil servants were originally supposed to be the silent workforce implementing policy decisions framed by the elected executive. Today, social media plays a significant role in the way civil service officers execute their functions. In many ways, social media has also become the yardstick to measure their performance.

In this context, what are the ethical challenges involving the use of social media for the civil services?

3. Festive times during the Pandemic pose a serious challenge for the administration. A group of citizens lead by the local member of parliament approach you as the head the district to allow them to undertake processions and cultural activities during the festival. They have assured to give you an undertaking that all necessary social distancing norms shall be followed. The administration has however, strictly prohibited any public processions to be conducted given health concerns. The group of citizens lead by the M.P. ask you to reconsider as cultural rights are innate to the people. You are faced with the possibility that not allowing the processions to take place might escalate into protests which may hamper the law and order situation.

As the District Collector, identify the key dilemmas, courses of action, and the most suitable course of action that you would undertake in this scenario.

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