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To Be Or Not To Be (Nov II)

Updated: May 5, 2021


1. This contains a total of 2 questions carrying 20 marks each and have to written within 250 words each.

2. The free discussion class would be held on 29th November, 2020 at 12:30 p.m.

3. Click on the link here to access the discussion class.

4. You may send in your answers in a single PDF file to with the file name as TBNTB_(YourName)_NovII

5. Please note that this is a completely free initiative. If you are someone accessing the platform for the first time, you may be prompted for an access code to watch the class. Please enter MATHUR10 and you would be able to watch the class for free and also access all the other free special classes.

1. You are the CEO of one of India's largest mining companies. Recently, a miner died while performing his duties in one of the mines your company owns. The death was most likely due a safety lapse. This has become a national issue and political and media pressure is increasing on you to shut down the mine. The mine workers association has also starting demonstrations with a wide array of demands including a hike in pay owing to risks associated with the job.

What are the available options before you? Out of the available actions, which one would you adopt and why?

2. You are the Marketing Head of a leading global fast food chain. You are required to prepare a national marketing and advertising strategy for the company. Fast food is inherently harmful for children yet marketing campaigns are designed in such a way to primarily target younger populations. The senior management of the Company clearly wants you do design a campaign centric to children and younger populations as they are more profitable advertisements as far as conversions are concerned.

Identify the key ethical issues involved in this scenario. Out of the available actions, which one would you adopt and why?

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