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The Time Has Come : Introducing Patrons


They say freedom is rarely free but should be as free as it can be. As a teacher, it is my foremost duty to be unabashedly impartial and objective when I give advice. My words should never be influenced by organisations I am associated with, and should echo the absolute truth, and nothing but the truth. I am writing to you today, seeking your support. Please take a few moments and go through this post.

A. This is what I currently am doing :

  1. What A Day : Daily Current Affairs

  2. What A Week : Issue based videos

  3. What A Month : A monthly magazine

  4. Comprehensive Consolidated Notes on Polity, Governance, Social Issues, International Relations, and Ethics

  5. Full Lecture Series on Ethics entirely

  6. Prelims and Mains GS Tests

  7. Sponsoring Mental Health treatments of students

  8. Sponsoring Education of students

  9. Pro Bono Legal Representations to the UPSC and on behalf of aggrieved students

  10. Impartial, Unbiased, and Non-Promotional guidance on Strategy for UPSC CSE

B. This is what I want to do :

  1. Improve the quality of What a Month Magazine by cross referencing all compilations and publications, and make it the one true source ever needed for current affairs

  2. Enhance the frequency and minimise delays in video uploads

  3. Conduct full answer writing and feedback sessions on the Test Series

  4. Support more needy students with academics, health, personal, and legal issues

  5. Introduce free optional test series for Sociology, PSIR, Public Administration, Law, and Anthropology by partnering by the leading minds of our industry and country.

  6. Self publish books on Polity, Governance, Contemporary Issues, Self Help on Answer Writing, International Relations, and Internal Security so that the books always remain extremely affordable and relevant for everyone.

  7. Teach law optional in the most cost effective manner

  8. Run online and offline workshops free or cost for students across cities across the country, so that I can meet you and assist you.

  9. Set up a dedicated fund to assist students and their families in medical or any sort of emergencies.

  10. Continue my absolute independence and non partnership with any organisation while I give public or personal advice on any matter.

C. To do what I want to do, I need to hire the most dedicated, trustworthy, and talented team to help me do what I want to do. I am truly blessed to have received interests from some incredible people with unfettered grit and hearts of gold.

D. What I most humbly seek from you :

  1. A minimum contribution of Rs. 999 inclusive of all applicable taxes only if you can and want to help me do what I want to do.

  2. You can always contribute more if you want to, and periodically as well, whenever and whatever you feel like.

  3. If and whenever you ever want a refund of your contribution, I will immediately do the needful for you, no questions asked.

  4. You would be issued a proper receipt of your contribution.

E. If you do decide to contribute, please send a screenshot of your payment to You would be added to an exclusive email list wherein

  1. All your emails and queries sent to would be responded to within 72 working hours

  2. Your answer evaluations would be sent back to you within 7 working days.

  3. You would be entitled to priority sessions and one on one interactions whenever you need it.

  4. All material ever self published would be sent to you entirely free of cost.

F. Account/Financial Details :

1. Bank Transfer : Account Name : Atish Mathur

Account Number : 159871543676

Bank Name : InduInd Bank

IFSC Code : INDB0001394

Branch Name : Sector 22, Dwarka

2. Google Pay : Account Name : Atish Mathur

Google Pay UPI ID : atish.mathur07@okaxis

Phone Number : 9871543676

3. Paytm : Account Name : Atish Mathur

Paytm UPI ID : 9871543676@paytm

Phone Number : 9871543676

Paytm QR code :

Please Note that irrespective of your contribution, everything mentioned in Part A : What I am Currently am doing shall continue, no matter what, as promised, always free.

I would always be in your debt for everything you have always done for me, and letting me be me.

Thank you,

Atish Mathur

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Jul 04, 2022

irrespective of what you're doing as your profession but you've a heart of gold dear sir..not buttering you're literally a good human


Rekha Y
Rekha Y
Jan 27, 2022

Sir, please help us in answer writing for GSM PYQ. I'm struggling to decode the questions. Kindly help🙏


Charles Moirangcha
Charles Moirangcha
Nov 09, 2021

Pliz check mail

Charles Moirangcha
Charles Moirangcha
Nov 09, 2021
Replying to

Bro I am also aspirants....


Sharath T
Sharath T
Nov 09, 2021

I made contribution yesterday and sent mail...pls see once Sir, thank you


Shreeraj Jadhav
Shreeraj Jadhav
Nov 07, 2021

Thank you so much Sir for hoing way beyond the normal for all of us. You have always been an inspiration to do more and be more.

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