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The Prelims : Final Lap 2021

Updated: Sep 12, 2021


As promised, please find the consolidated notes below to cover all relevant current affairs across all subjects for the upcoming Prelims 2021.

Document 1 : Contains all relevant schemes which have also been updated.

Yearly - Schemes
Download PDF • 608KB

Document 2 : Contains all relevant reports and indices which also been updated.

Yearly - ReportsIndices
Download PDF • 258KB

Document 3 : Contains updated and relevant contemporary developments across Environment, Agriculture, the Union Budget, the Economic Survey, Defence & Security, Art & Culture, Science & Technology, and Places in News

Yearly CA - FINAL
Download PDF • 2.90MB

P.S. : In addition to the 6 prelims full length tests already released, one more test shall also be released in a day or so, thereby giving you a total of 7 seven full length tests to aid in your preparation.

Thank you ever so much for your continued faith and support,


Atish Mathur

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