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The Plan

Updated: Oct 21, 2021


Before I begin to outline the course of action lined up for the coming months and academic year, I am ever so thankful to you for being to considerate and patient while I sorted a lot of things on my end. I would always be grateful to my student community for being the finest people I know.

Agenda 1 : Current Affairs : This will have five components :

  1. What a Day : Resumes 21 Oct 2021 : Audio Notes covering the Hindu and the Indian Express in addition to a current affairs shortlisted as notion lists.

  2. What a Week : Resumes week starting 18th October 2021 : Comprehensive yet relevant videos on my Youtube Channel covering the key issues of the week.

  3. What a Month : Usual continuation of the current affairs compilation with a larger cross reference to available resources

  4. The Weekly Rewind : Weekly special classes revising the developments of the week so that recollection and memorisation is never a problem.

  5. T20 Daily CA Tests uploaded on the Telegram Channel : Atish Mathur Official :

P.S. : Pending issues from prior weeks would also be uploaded on my Youtube Channel within the month.

All components of Agenda 1 are free and would always remain entirely free of cost for everyone.

Agenda 2 : To Be Or Not To Be : The Ethics Full Course : This will have two components :

  1. Full Course : Completion of the Course on my Youtube Channel within the month so that everyone appearing for the mains this year may also find it useful. I would also be adding extremely contextual and contemporary examples from current affairs to enhance the pedagogy.

  2. Case Studies Live Practice : Weekly Special Classes on Case Studies for Ethics strictly as per the pattern of the exam. These would start from the last week of October 2021.

All components of Agenda 2 are free and would always remain entirely free of cost for everyone.

Agenda 3 : The Mains Crash Course 2021

  1. Polity & Governance : Like last year, a paid crash course with the sole aim of landing at-least 70 percent questions in the Mains from these areas would be conducted in the month of November across various mediums. While the course shall be paid, detailed notes and PDFs would be available for everyone for free. Please note that if you had taken the course last year, you don't need to take up the paid course again, and the notes will absolutely suffice.

  2. Social Issues : Upon a lot of requests from students, I would also take a crash course on Social Issues entirely free of cost. This would be ready by mid-November 2021 and published accordingly.

  3. International Relations and Internal Security : Detailed yet relevant handouts shall be provided completely free of cost to cover these areas for the Mains 2021 which would be sufficient given the nature and intensity of questions asked.

P.S : Past Year Paper Analysis of previous year Mains Questions from 2013 shall be uploaded for all the subjects outlined above on the Youtube Channel so that everyone can understand how to decode and outline preparations.

Agenda 4 : The Mains Answer Writing Program 2021

  1. Any student writing any test of any institute can send in their full length answer scripts of Essays, GS 2, and GS 4 to a dedicated email address that shall be provided in a day or two. This shall commence from the first week of November.

  2. 3 Full Length Tests with solutions and discussions shall be conducted for Essays and all four GS Papers starting November 2021.

All components of Agenda 4 are free and would always remain entirely free of cost for everyone.

In addition to this, detailed strategies for Mains 2021, Prelims and Mains 2022 shall be released keeping all permutations in consideration.

Please let me know in the comments below or via email if there is anything else I can do for you,

Thank you,

Atish Mathur

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Oct 27, 2021

Sir pls guide us how to write philosophical essay....


aniket rajput
aniket rajput
Oct 25, 2021

When Will you upload the videos?


anukriti singh
anukriti singh
Oct 21, 2021

Plz reply to my mail sir plz


irfan mohamed
irfan mohamed
Oct 21, 2021

Thank you sir. You are awesome as usual.


Oct 20, 2021

Thank you

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