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Mock Interviews : UPSC CSE 2021

Updated: May 5, 2021

Disclaimer : I understand that it is industry practice to claim results based on students participating only in the interview programs conducted by institutes. This is an incredibly misleading practice and almost all institutions partake in this activity. It is my opinion that such a practice is incredibly unethical and misleads prospective students. Therefore, it is my absolute promise to you, I will never ever indulge in any such practice. Credibility not caricature, is the only currency in Education.


As discussed and promised in the earlier post, I am outlining the details of interview assistance for UPSC CSE 2021 below.

One on One Mock Interview-cum-DAF discussion (Online):

  1. This would be an online 45 minute session with me.

  2. This would be combination of a one on one mock as well as a general discussion on your DAF.

  3. I would give you a detailed feedback immediately post the session.

  4. You may book your slots @ Understandably, if you are unable to find a slot as they tend to get filled up very quickly as they did during the Pre DAF submission stage, please send me an email to and I would arrange for an additional slot beyond the allotted hours.

  5. You may choose either Zoom or Google Meet as your preferred medium.

  6. If you would like a recording of your session, it is advised to choose Zoom. Please send your DAF an hour before your scheduled session via email at

Full panel Mock Interview (Offline)

  1. I would be running an offline panel for mock interviews with Unacademy. Senior officials, academicians, and toppers would also be a part of the panel. Would release the panel composition shortly.

  2. The offline panel is scheduled from 14th April and would continue for about a fortnight.

  3. The interviews would be held at the Connaught Hotel, New Delhi.

  4. You may fill the form : and the team with contact you within a day and schedule your mock dates.

Note : Both of these are entirely free of cost.

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Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar

Can I take part if I haven't qualified Mains?

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