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March 2021 : Free/Special Class Plan

Updated: May 5, 2021


We shall primary be covering the following areas this month.

  1. The Magna Carta 2021 : 9:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. : 22nd Mar - 31st March 2021 (Excluding Weekends) : The entire polity syllabus for Prelims 2021 has been divided into 8 themes which would be covered over 8 days. We would finish each theme in the same class itself. A shortlisted reading list from Lakshmikant would be given a few days so that you can read the designated chapters from the book and come prepared for the class. This is the 2021 version of the highly well received Magna Carta Series of 2020 wherein 80% of all Polity questions were answered directly from the short series itself. In a nutshell, I need 8 days from you this month, and I assure you, Polity for Prelims 2021 would be most sorted. This year, we would also have past year questions and live quiz after each class.

  2. What a Week (Revamped) : Every Sunday @ 12 p.m. : This class would cover a recurring and substantial issues mentioned in the newspapers of the preceding week. The issues would be covered in a consolidated note format which can be directly replicated as an answer in the exam while covering important factual and conceptual details necessary for this exam. All case studies strictly on analysed patterns of the exam. Sample answers also provided.

  3. To Be or Not To be : Ethics Case Studies : Every Saturday @ 9 p.m. : We would be covering two case studies in a single class to ensure our target of four case studies a month remains intact.

  4. What a World : Season II : Every Sunday @ 6 p.m. : An analytical and exam-oriented series covering all important portions pertaining to International Relations necessary for all stages if the exam. Slides and proper notes shall be provided subsequently. All case studies strictly on analysed patterns of the exam.

You can have a look at all classes in one place here :

Specific Class Links :

Magna Carta 2021 :

What a Week

A. 14 March 2021 : 12 p.m. : What a Week (1st to 14th March 2021)

B. 21 March 2021 : 12 p.m. : What a Week (15th - 21st March 2021)

28 March 2021 : 12 p.m. What a Week (22nd - 28th March 2021)

To Be Or Not To Be :

A. 20 March 2021 : 9 p.m. : To Be Or Not To Be :

B. 27 March 2021 : 9 p.m. : To Be Or Not To Be :

What a World Season II

A. 21 March 2021 : 9 p.m. : What a World (Indo - US Relations) :

B. 28 March 2021 : 9 p.m. : What a World (Indo - African Region Relations) :

Please note :

  1. All the classes mentioned in this post are absolutely free of cost and you do not have to pay anything whatsoever to watch them.

  2. All of the classes mentioned below would be conducted on Unacademy which can be accessed by either downloading their mobile application or directly visiting their website.

  3. If you are someone who would be watching my classes for the first time and using Unacademy for the first time, you might be asked for an access code. If so, please write MATHUR10 or ATMYT10 and you would be able to watch all the free classes mentioned below. Using this access code does not mean that you will have pay anything to watch the classes. This access code is just like an entry stamp for the platform to identify how many students use are using the platform to watch my courses. Just reiterating that you do not have to pay anything to watch any of the classes mentioned below. This is a code you may have to enter to access Unacademy for the first time. If you have been using Unacademy already, you do not have to enter any code whatsoever.

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