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June 2021 : Free/Special Class Plan


We have to make the most of June 2021 given that the Prelims is postponed. Please note that all the classes mentioned below are entirely free of cost and can be watched any number of times entirely free of cost and would be hosted on Unacademy. In case you are someone who is joining us for the first time and are prompted for an access code : please use MATHUR10 or ATMYT10 to access all of these classes. In that spirit, the following has been planned :

  1. To Be Or Not To Be (Ethics Course For Mains) : 14th June 2021 - 30 June 2021 : Monday - Friday : 10 p.m. onwards : This has one single objective : to prepare you for all areas of Paper IV including case studies practice every Friday as well.

  2. What a Day : Every day at 8 pm. : Relevant developments from the Hindu newspaper everyday along with an audio whenever there is something important to cover from the paper.

  3. What a Week : Weekly Current Affairs : Every Sunday at 12 p.m. : Analytical developments through the week in addition to important articles covered in the Indian Express, the PIB, as well as other magazines in one session.

  4. What an Answer : Weekly Answer Writing Practice : Every Sunday at 9 p.m. : Based on important developments through the week, live answer writing sessions wherein you would be given 7 mins to answer a question post which I will discuss the model answer and teach you self evaluation techniques. The aim to brush you some answer writing practice before you get back into Prelims intensive Preparation.

  5. Blast From the Past : Polity Prelims PYQ : Every Saturday at 9 pm. : A live marathon quiz solving remaining Past Year Prelims Polity Questions from the last 10 years strictly using logic and elimination methods.

  6. What a Month : April and May 2021 : To Be Uploaded on Youtube within by 10th of June covering relevant portions from major compilations, academic magazines and revising everything from the prior month.

  7. T20 Daily Current Affairs Test - June 2021 : 20 questions everyday that can be solved live as well the PDFs of the same posted on the Telegram Channel.

  8. Important Laws for Prelims 2021 : 4 June 2021 : 9 p.m. : A Prelims specific coverage of important laws relevant for the upcoming Prelims exam.

PDF containing all class links :

June 2021 Special Classes Atish Mathur
Download P • 82KB

Google Public Calendar :

Thank you,

Let's make the most of June,

Atish Mathur

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