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Important Schemes/Initiatives Based on Current Affairs for Prelims 2021

Updated: Apr 30, 2021


Please find a detailed PDF containing Schemes that are relevant based on them being in the news over the past one year thereby making them important for the hopefully soon upcoming Prelims 2021.

You may also watch a discussion class for free regarding the same here :

Current-Schemes For Prelims 2021
Download PDF • 509KB

Thank You,

Atish Mathur

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Apr 28, 2021

Sir there is lot of confusion among many aspirants about upcoming prelims like will it get postponed and scheduled further. Or will it be happening in this middle of 2nd wave. I humblefully request you that, can you make 1 post here on website. Clearing all chaos and suggesting further strategy

you have been imp part of my IAS preparation. We seek your guidance in this movement. thank you.

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