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Freedom is rarely free, but choices should be!

Extremely Urgent: Priority


Punctuality is one of the most essential ways of life, no matter the circumstances. In education, the value of time of a student is the most important and should never be compromised with, in any manner. The past few days have questioned this very essence. It would be undignified to get into the reasons for the same, but we all have a choice, it may be a difficult one, and a less lucrative one, but a necessary one. The choice must be exercised at all costs. If I don’t exercise this choice, I would not be able stand my ground as a teacher.

Apart from the access blockage to our special classes, several students have been writing to me with their difficulties in accessing some of the prior classes, and the inability to find prior classes in a due framework. In lieu of these concerns, the following measures are being implemented with immediate effect.

1. All core content special classes such What a Day, What a Week, What a Month, the Ethics Course – To Be Or Not To Be, Prelims centric important developments, Mains centric developments, will all be conducted on our own YouTube Channel. They will run as proper organised playlists in the highest quality to be premiered at our original times.

2. Our What a Day shall now include both the newspapers: The Hindu and The Indian Express daily. It will also include a page-by-page overview like in our audio notes followed by a What a Day analysis in the same video which would be timestamped so that each one can watch exactly what they want to watch.

3. What a Week will consequently identify pertinent issues in detail more accurately.

4. Furthermore, all due strategy classes will also be conducted on our YouTube channel so ensure absolute impartiality in all means while imparting genuine preparatory guidance without the need of any obligation whatsoever.

5. I will be present during the premier to reply to all questions asked during the premier of all the above videos as well any comments posted later. Dedicated doubt sessions will be conducted on Zoom/Google Meet to ensure all your questions are answered with adequate interaction.

I most humbly ask the following from you :

1. Give me time till 1st July 2021 to set all of this up and running. By 1st July, the entire Ethics Course shall be ready and published on our YouTube Channel. Thankfully, the newspapers have been kind to us this week with nothing major to cover as such. As a result, all issues from the week would also be uploaded by 1st July itself.

2. All pending content on our website pertaining to social issues, governance etc. shall also be uploaded by 1st July itself. Additionally, all notes provided so far will be better organised in a premium cloud storage integrated on the website itself by 1st July. This will ensure you are able to find all notes extremely easily on the website.

3. An email with a google form will be sent to all pending appointments over the last weeks, and they will all be completed by 1st July 2021.

4. Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Atish Mathur: immediately. This will really help.

All the above will ensure all our work remains free, without any delay, and impeccably organised forever.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and your continued and unprecedented support.

Atish Mathur

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