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Class Plan : July 2021

Updated: Jul 13, 2021


We would be covering the following in the month of July 2021. Some changes have been made as per your recommendations and feedback.

  1. What a Day : This would comprise of three entities :

a. A topic list of relevant articles from both the Hindu and the Indian Express

b. An audio note each of the Hindu and the Indian Express integrated on the website itself so that you do not have use sound-cloud for the same.

c. A live youtube video at 9 pm. everyday covering important news from the Hindu. (Please note that the important articles from the Indian Express would be integrated in What a Week)

2. What a Week : A deeply analytical coverage of issues from the Hindu, Indian Express, and the PIB at 12 p.m. every Sunday on Youtube.

3. What a Month : A current affairs compilation covering all developments of the previous month and also covering relevant information from other CA compilations released by the 15th of July for the month of June.

4. What an Answer : Youtube sessions on answer writing techniques, model answers, and structures every Saturday at 9 p.m.

5. To be Or Not To Be : This would comprise of two entities

a. 12th - 16th July 2021 : A series of 6 lectures starting 19 July 2021 at 10 p.m. for 2 hours each to cover the pending and awaited Ethics syllabus. The classes would be posted on YouTube. Class/YouTube links would be shared on Telegram Channel : Atish Mathur Official.

b. My handwritten notes like those of Magna Carta for Ethics would also be uploaded during the course of the classes so that you have everything you need in one place.

6. Blast From the Past : Polity PYQ MCQs using Logic and Elimination : 19th - 23 July : 10 p.m. onwards. Class will be shared on the Telegram Channel itself.

7. Strategy Series on Youtube : Dedicated youtube video series on all aspects of formulating a good strategy for the exam would also be released by the 15th of July.

8. Website Upgrade Revealed : A complete walkthrough video on how exactly to use the website and all it entails as it is now completely updated with all segments fully functional.

Please note : All of the above classes are entirely free of cost.

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