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Judicial Infrastructure

Judicial Infrastructure

Infrastructure Facilities for Judiciary


● The Union Cabinet approved the continuation of a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) for the Development of Infrastructure Facilities for Judiciary for a further five years from 2021 to 2026.

● The total cost of the project is Rs. 9000 crores out of which Rs. 5357 crores including Rs. 50 crores for Gram Nyayalaya Scheme and its implementation in Mission Mode through National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms will be borne by the Centre.

Probable question:

  1. Discuss the need for improving infrastructure facilities for the judiciary. Outline the various measures taken by the government to develop judicial infrastructure.

Need for infrastructure facilities for the judiciary:

● Several courts are functioning in rented premises with insufficient space. Some are in dilapidated condition without basic amenities. This contributes to pendency.

● Lack of residential accommodation to all judicial officers adversely affects their performance and working.

Features of the Scheme:

● The Central Government through this CSS is augmenting the resources of the State Governments for the construction of infrastructure.

● This proposal will help in the construction of 3800 court halls and 4000 residential units among other things.

Gram Nyayalayas:

●  Gram Nyayalayas aim to provide speedy and easy access to the justice system in the rural areas of India.

● They are given statutory recognition through the Gram Nyayalayas Act, 2008.

● A central assistance scheme helps to fund the initial cost in terms of non-recurring expenses for setting up of these courts with the assistance limited to Rs. 18 lakhs per Gram Nyayalaya as a one-time measure.

 13 states have implemented this scheme by notifying 455 Gram Nyayalayas out of which 226 are functional.

● The Gram Nyayalaya Portal helps online monitoring of working of the Gram Nyayalayas by the implementing states.


The Scheme will help increase the availability of judicial infrastructures such as Court Halls and Residential accommodation for judicial officers. The provision of better amenities will help improve the functioning and performance of the judiciary. The continued assistance to the Gram Nyayalayas scheme will help the common man seek speedy and affordable justice at his doorstep.

Judicial Infrastructure
Judicial Infrastructure
Judicial Infrastructure
Judicial Infrastructure
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